Modern Batiks

Today, batik has evolved dramatically. Its designs and patterns are uniquely colorful thus it is very eye catching. Batik is no longer a textile used for traditional, formal clothing. More and more Indonesian fashion designers utilize batik as their main material to create daily clothing. For example, in Java, where batik is originally from, people began to make trousers from batik. Uniforms for companies’ employees are also made out of batik as part of their nationalistic. Even students of elementary through high school have their own distinct designs of batik. This presents the wide range of batik users in Indonesia. It is now a popular fashion for everyone, especially young adults.

Following are some photos of nowadays-modern batik designs that many young adult or teenagers wear.


This model is wearing a type of simple shirt with a collar, which is similar to polo shirts. It has a thin, soft layer of fabric that makes it a perfect wear for hot summer. Just like polo shirts, this shirt can be worn to any occasion.

edit 3The pictures on the left and the bottom are another modern designs made of batik. They may seem like simple dresses with shoulder straps. Nevertheless, these dresses are perfect for the summer time, due to the thin material. Additionally, the patterns on these dresses were stamped onto the fabric (known as batik cap), which puts this dress to sit on the upper collection. It just comes down to a matter of preference, long dress or short dress.

Edit 4

These are just few examples of popular, modern batik outfits that young adults and teenagers in Indonesia wear. Please click on for IndoBatik additional batik collections. We personally feel, it is a great way to keep the batik culture alive in these modern days.


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